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Suzuki Outboards

Because Life is More Fun at the Top

As a motor company – not a boat company – we’ve been “building up” to this for years. Frankly, the other guys never had a chance. No other outboard company could draw on Suzuki’s technology and experience designing high-output, lightweight 4-stroke engines for the worldwide marine, automobile, motorcycle and ATV markets. This experience was backed by a commitment to 4-stroke technology that never wavered. While other companies experimented with alternative 2-stroke technologies to meet clean air standards, Suzuki stuck with what it does best. And without looking back, we’ve been giving you our best – reliable, powerful 4-strokes that are a perfect fit for today’s boats. The result is the industry’s largest all-4-stroke lineup. From our mini-might 2.5 horsepower portable right up to our new flagship 4-liter 300-horsepower V6, Suzuki offers a powerful choice for every American boater. Twenty models in all, each packed with advanced features and cutting edge technology that could only come from the 4-stroke leader. We may have reached the top of the mountain, but we’re not done climbing. Expect bigger and better things from Suzuki in the future. We do. Like more powerful, quiet and fuel efficient 4-strokes that give boaters the performance and reliability they demand. And a growing national dealer network to provide the service, support and accessories boaters need.


DF300AP / DF250AP / DF250SS / DF250 / DF225

Run for distant offshore fishing grounds, cruise to exotic ports or just share time on the water with family

In-Line 4

DF20)A / DF175 / DF150 / DF150SS / DF140A / DF115A / DF115SS / DF90A / DF70A

From the compact DF70 to the new DF200AP, you'll find Suzuki's in-line 4-cylinder outboards the perfect blend of power, performance and efficiency


DF60AV / DF60A / DF50AV / DF50A / DF40A

Big Block Power. Lean Burn Performance. Suzuki's Midsize line of outboards are ready to deliver the goods with outstanding reliability and exceptional throttle response.


DF30A EFI / DF25A EFI / DF20A EFI / DF15A EFI / DF9.98T EFI / DF6 / DF4 / DF2.5

Whichever tough Suzuki 4-stroke portable you choose, you'll have a boating partner you can count on for the long haul


2020 Suzuki DF350A
2020 Suzuki DF300AP
2020 Suzuki DF300B
2020 Suzuki DF250AP
2020 Suzuki DF250SS
2020 Suzuki DF250
2020 Suzuki DF225
2020 Suzuki DF200SS
2020 Suzuki DF200A
2020 Suzuki DF175A
2020 Suzuki DF150A
2020 Suzuki DF150SS
2020 Suzuki DF140A
2020 Suzuki DF115SS
2020 Suzuki DF115A
2020 Suzuki DF90A
2020 Suzuki DF70A
2020 Suzuki DF60A
2020 Suzuki DF60AV
2020 Suzuki DF50A
2020 Suzuki DF50AV
2020 Suzuki DF40A
2020 Suzuki DF30A EFI
2020 Suzuki DF25A EFI
2020 Suzuki DF20A EFI
2020 Suzuki DF15A EFI
2020 Suzuki DF9.9BT EFI
2020 Suzuki DF9.9B EFI
2020 Suzuki DF6A
2020 Suzuki DF4A
2020 Suzuki DF2.5