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Mercury Outboards

Mercury-outboardsGo Boldly

The world is 71% water. And for those bold enough to reach out and explore it, 100% awesome. The spirit of Go Boldly lives inside the passionate, spontaneous, secure, and curious. Mercury Marine has proudly spent over 75 years living this spirit, creating the tools that give those passionate about being on the water the ability to Go Boldy in the pursuit of their ultimate on-the-water experiences.


Verado outboards have created a whole new set of standards for performance. No matter how you define it. Low noise and vibration? Check. Lower fuel consumption? Check. Supercharged four-stroke power and torque? Check. Everything. And then some. Verado.


Forget everything you know about FourStroke outboards. Ours change the game. Completely. They’re tougher, smaller, and lighter than any other FourStroke on the water. With a combination of performance and efficiency that will take your time on the water to a whole new level.

Pro XS®

When it comes to performance, a Pro XS gets you there like no other outboard. Maybe it’s the lightning-quick acceleration . The class-leading top speed. The legendary reliability. The superior fuel efficiency. Or all of the above. Pro XS - the most serious outboard on the water for the most serious fishermen on the water. Whether you’re chasing trophy fish, or just trophies.


OptiMax offers the time-proven power, reliability and fuel efficiency that only the Mercury-exclusive two-stage Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) can deliver. Outstanding hole shot and acceleration, impeccable handling at any speed. Even with all this, it’s still your best value on the water.


Heart-racing acceleration meets excellent handling and top-speed maneuvering. Navigate shallow lakes, rocky rivers, or narrow streams without a hitch – knowing that if you wanted, you could do it all. No matter the adventure, there's a Mercury® Jet waiting for you.

SeaPro™ FourStroke

Mercury SeaPro commercial outboards are designed to work as hard as you do…engineered to be ultra-tough working partners for everyone making their living on the water.  They’ve earned their credentials for reliability by performing under the toughest working conditions possible, to deliver year-after-year of trouble-free operation.


2020 Mercury Verado 400 hp
2020 Mercury Verado 350 hp
2020 Mercury SeaPro 300 hp CMS
2020 Mercury Verado 300 hp
2020 Mercury SeaPro 300 hp AMS
2020 Mercury Pro XS 300 hp
2020 Mercury FourStroke 300 hp
2020 Mercury SeaPro 250 hp
2020 Mercury FourStroke 250 hp
2020 Mercury Verado 250 hp
2020 Mercury Pro XS 250
2020 Mercury Pro XS 225 hp


2020 Mercury TDI 335 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury TDI 370 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury 350 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury 320 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury 270 hp Stern Diesel
2020 Mercury 270 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury TDI 260 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury 230 hp Stern Diesel
2020 Mercury TDI 230 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury 170 Tier 3 Diesel
2020 Mercury 170 Tier 2 Diesel
2020 Mercury 150 Tier 3 Diesel


2020 Mercury 200 hp SportJet OptiMax
2020 Mercury 80 hp Jet
2020 Mercury 65 hp Jet FourStroke
2020 Mercury 40 hp Jet FourStroke
2020 Mercury 35 hp Jet FourStroke
2020 Mercury 25 hp EFI Jet FourStroke


2020 Mercury 550 Diesel
2020 Mercury 500 Diesel
2020 Mercury 480 Diesel
2020 Mercury 270 hp Inboard Diesel
2020 Mercury 230 hp Inboard Diesel